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    Tours Delphoi – Arahova Full Day Tour
  • Your stay in Athens offers the opportunity for more than just a city break.

    Once we start a tour towards Arachova we will make the first stop at Chaeronea. This is the famous region where the battle between the Macedonians and the Boeotians was given. Then it’s time for Delphi. Visitors there open a gateway to the ancient world. One can see the exhibits of the museum, the temple of Apollo where Pythia gave the oracle and of course, admire the archeological sites of the area.

    The natural environment is also a part of the tour that you should not ignore.

    Continuing our program, we will visit the village of Delphi to enjoy delicious dishes from the local cuisine and then follows a ride in Arachova. It is the most popular winter destination in Greece. Visitors here can enjoy a coffee in the square area overlooking Parnassus or walk to the local market to find local cheeses and furs.

    Arachova is 27 km away from the famous ski resort of Mount Parnassos. After visiting Arachova the way back begins. The traveler has the opportunity to enjoy a scenic drive through Parnassus.

    Tour Duration : 8 - 9 1/2 hours

    Tour price : 300 euros

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