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    Tours Sounio Ride
  • Athens is the best city in the world.

    It is not just the ancient world that is displayed before the thirsty for knowledge visitor.

    It is the sun of Attica and the wind of the Athenian sky that enchant in their turn.

    The tour from Athens to Cape Sounio includes a wonderful walk in the cosmopolitan coastal avenue of Athens until the sun starts to glow at the sea.

    Sounio is an ideal destination for swimming, nice food and coffee. The Temple of Poseidon is one of the must see spots in Athens and of course the whole region. The temple of the god of the sea touching the blue water with its edges in combination with the sky creates a scene inspired by Ancient Greece. The time when Macedonians and Athenians quarreled for the historic area of ​​Sounio.

    Visitors have the luxury to admire the ultimate combination tour: Nature and Antiquity, Sea and Kitchen, Enjoyment and Sun. The route to Sounio is only 60 km, but enough to take you to breathtaking landscapes.

    The Homecoming to Athens gives you the chance to repeat the enjoyment of the journey.

    It is a lifetime experience.

    Tour Duration : 5 1/2 - 6 hours

    Tour price : 165 euros

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